yellowtail sashimi with serrano and ponzu

Yellowtail Sashimi with Serrano & Ponzu

Variations of this dish can frequently be found at plenty of sushi restaurants but I started eating a similar plate at the Nobu in Malibu. While it sounds like the verse of a Drake song, I used to frequent the restaurant when it opened during my senior year of college at Pepperdine. It was located just down the road from my apartment and I was a firm believer of treating yourself after a hard day of studying! So my roommate and I would find any opportunity we could to go for (self-imposed) happy hour drinks and to split some appetizers.

Yuzu is a Japanese lemon-like citrus with unique fruit flavor. The condiment,"Yuzu kosho", utilizes the citrus juice and ferments it along with green chilies and salt. It packs a punch so only a small bit is needed but it adds a great citrusy, spicy flavor.

Yellowtail, also known as hamachi, is a firm fish with a high fat content, which makes for great sashimi. Here the yellowtail is paired with Serrano and yuzu kosho for a little spice and with cilantro and ponzu for an extremely flavorful, yet light dish. When buying yellowtail for this dish be sure to get high-quality sushi-grade fish.

I get my fish from a local store, Santa Monica Seafood, as it has a great selection of fish with plenty of sustainable options. Click the link here for an exclusive coupon for your next order from Santa Monica Seafood!



¼ pound sushi grade yellowtail (hamachi)

1 medium Serrano pepper, thinly sliced

Handful cilantro leaves, stems discarded

½ teaspoon yuzu kosho

2 tablespoons ponzu



Thinly slice the yellowtail into about 8 equal slices. Arrange on a platter and top each piece of yellowtail with a slice of Serrano pepper, a cilantro leaf and a drop of yuzu kusho. Drizzle the ponzu over the top.

Serve immediately and eat with chopsticks.

Serves 2 as an appetizer.



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