salmon poke with creamy togarashi sauce

Salmon Poké with Creamy Togarashi Sauce

I have an obsession with poké. Places specializing in it have been popping up all over the place in Southern California and it is one of my favorite things to order for delivery when I don’t feel like cooking but it is just as easy to make at home. While it can seem intimidating since you are working with raw fish as long as you buy fresh high-quality ingredients there is no reason for it to be daunting. I love to mix it up from the classic Ahi Tuna Poké with this recipe for salmon poké with creamy spicy togarashi sauce, similar to Sriracha mayo. I have an ongoing love for raw fish, especially salmon, and this satisfies my cravings in the comfort of my own home.



For the creamy togarashi sauce:

1/3 cup Kewpie Japanese mayonnaise*

3 teaspoons sriracha

2 teaspoons Togarashi Shichimi**

½ teaspoon freshly grated ginger

1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lime juice

1½ teaspoons soy sauce

¼ teaspoons sugar

½ teaspoon kosher salt

¼ teaspoon ground black pepper


For the poke:

1 pound sushi grade salmon, cut into ½” cubes

3 green onion, thinly sliced, greens and whites separated

1 avocado, peeled, pitted and diced

½ cup shelled edamame


3 cups cooked short grain white rice



For the creamy togarashi sauce:

In a small bowl whisk together the mayonnaise and the sriracha. Whisk in the remaining ingredients until completely combined. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use.

For the poke:

Add the cut salmon and green onion whites to a medium mixing bowl. Add about 2 tablespoons of the creamy togarashi sauce and toss to combine. Add the avocado and edamame, tossing gently to combine. Top with remaining green onions and serve over a bed of rice.


Serves 4.


*Note: Kewpie is a type of Japanese mayonnaise that has added seasoning. If you cannot find Kewpie then substitute regular mayonnaise with a ½ teaspoon of mirin. Specialty Japanese ingredients can be found at an Asian market, some gourmet markets or online.

**Note: Togarashi Shichimi is a Japanese seasoning mix typically made up of a blend of seven spices: ground red chili pepper, ground Japanese pepper, roasted orange peel, black sesame seeds, white sesame seeds, hemp seed and ground ginger.  

spicy salmon poke
salmon poke with creamy togarashi sauce
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