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All the Fall Things & Link Love 10.28.16

Confession: I still get homesick at age 25. This past weekend I took a short trip home to New Jersey and did all the fall things that I miss while living in California. I enjoyed real fall weather and seeing the changing leaves and was happy to get to play with our family dogs and cats. I miss them and I can only make my mom send me so many pictures. While I have been very lucky to see my family at various places around the country this fall, there is a difference between that and being home.

My family’s home isn’t in the smokestack-filled part of New Jersey, nor is it near the Jersey shore. I live in a small town in central Jersey where horse farms sit next to fields of corn, pumpkins and beans– it’s known as “the garden state” for a reason! I did what I always do when I go home – I ate a Taylor ham, egg and cheese for breakfast (you can get the recipe to make your own here), watched college football with my family and drove around to take photos of the leaves changing colors on the trees.

Sometimes it is interesting to know a little something about the person behind the blog.  In that spirit, once a month I am going to write about what I have been watching and reading and also suggest some "links" that I have found interesting.


  • What I’m reading:
    • The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware – Thrilling and perfect for Halloween, I sped though this one and the ending wasn’t at all what I was expecting.
  • What I’m watching:
    • Scream Queens – I don’t think there’s been a show with such great fashion since Gossip Girl. Give me fur and Chanel (the designer and the character played by Emma Roberts) every day. 
    • City of Gold – The documentary about LA Time’s Food Critic Jonathan Gold is a love letter to Los Angeles. It’s one of those films that I found so inspiring I immediately wanted to get into the kitchen and cook 
  • Link Love: