rooftop dinner party spread

This past weekend I co-hosted a friend’s birthday party on the roof of an apartment complex in downtown Los Angeles. We could not have asked for a better location. It had a pool, cabanas, a fireplace and a dinner area overlooking the city skyline at sunset. Summer is right around the corner and that mean’s it’s the perfect time to host a get together like this. The weather is perfect to host outside, warm during the day, a little chillier at night and people’s calendars are still fairly open before the summer rush to travel.

Deciding on a bill of fare for such an event can be difficult. Since I was making the food at one location and transporting it to another I chose to go with a menu where all parts could be served chilled. The birthday girl has celiac disease so I made the whole menu for the party gluten free and chose to go with mostly finger foods since people would be socializing. A variety of dips work well for this type of party because they can all be paired with chips, veggies and crackers for dipping all while guests are walking around and mingling.

After copious amounts of food and wine was consumed we moved to the fireplace and sang "happy birthday" while wrapped in blankets as the sun went down. The birthday girl loves macrons (not to be confused with coconut macaroons), which are naturally gluten free, so we capped off the night with a tiered platter of them for dessert. 

rooftop dinner menu
me & the birthday girl -  Photo by Mallory Cummins

me & the birthday girl - Photo by Mallory Cummins

Enamelware from Rove and Swig