My Christmas Cookie Guide 2015


While cookies are good all year long, I especially love baking dozens of Christmas cookies with my mom; both of us in the kitchen, covered in flour, the oven warming the house, surrounded by cookies of all types. It has been a tradition of ours since I was young. Of course everyone has their favorite type of cookie that we have to make sure that we bake. Can’t forget about anyone! I swear as hard as I try, and even when we do the exact same thing, my mom always makes the cookies taste better! She likes to joke that it’s the extra love she puts into them.  

If you’re making a bunch of different types of cookies at one time, make sure you go over all of the ingredients you need and make sure you have enough of each; especially, flour, butter, eggs and sugar! There have been so many times that I have had to stop what I am doing and take a trip to the grocery store to restock on supplies, setting me back on time! If you aren’t planning on eating all of your cookies in a single sitting, make sure they are stored in airtight containers with wax paper separating the layers of cookies. 


Here are some of my favorite cookie recipes (click image for recipe):