Thanksgiving Menu 2015

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Herb Brined Turkey with Classic Stuffing



Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Roasted Acorn Squash with Sage


I love to hear how people spend their Thanksgiving. Everyone has different traditions, different family dynamics that dictate how they spend the holiday. My family typically spends it in a non-traditional way with a traditional “eat until you want to go to sleep immediately” feast. Our Thanksgiving is usually fairly small, just my immediate family, my grandparents and then some friends usually come by for a second round of dessert after they have eaten dinner with their families. We usually start our Thanksgiving by waking up and eating breakfast while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and getting the turkey in the oven.

It is usually a small gathering so we spend most of the days in our pajamas lounging around and starting to cook the rest of the feast. Thanksgiving is the day where everyone has assigned tasks in the kitchen, and one of the days where I am given reprieve from making most of the food. Dad is in charge of the turkey; my brother Josh takes care of basting the Turkey and has given himself the nickname, “the master-baster” (I know how it sounds.) Mom makes the mashed potatoes and dessert. I fill in the gaps and make the other sides and generally oversee how everyone is doing, glass of Pinot Noir in hand.

As far as family traditions go, in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving my mom always puts out a “thankful” bowl with small pieces of paper around it where friends and family passing through the house anonymously write down what they are thankful for, some are serious and others comedic. As we sit down to dinner we read them aloud and try to guess who wrote them. Then we feast. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!