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Açai Smoothie Bowl

Enter the most “Instagram worthy” breakfast or post workout snack. There’s a reason these bad boys have infiltrated your social media feeds. An açai bowl is the love child of a smoothie and a fruit parfait. There are plenty of places that serve them around Southern California; some of my favorites include Kreation and Backyard Bowls. It’s a healthy breakfast that will actually fill you up - and this is coming from someone who could never survive a juice cleanse and needs to eat like every three hours. True story: I tried to do one after a vacation where I had over-indulged but ended up giving up after 12 hours, having almost thrown up multiple times. At least I tried it, but I will never ever do one again unless medically necessary.

Açai is known for its array of health benefits and there is a bonus- it actually tastes good. This recipe calls for the smoothie packs, which can be found in the freezer section of your local health food store or at Whole Foods. While you really can go crazy with any toppings that you like, a few of my favorites are strawberries, green apple, banana, granola and coconut.



2 frozen (3.5 ounce each) açai smoothie packs (I use Sambazon® Original Smoothie packs)

1 cup frozen assorted mixed berries (I use strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries)

3 tablespoons almond butter

½ cup almond milk (or other nut milk of choice)


½ cup diced strawberries

½ cup diced green apple

1 medium banana, sliced

¼ cup granola

2 tablespoons shredded unsweetened coconut

1 teaspoon light agave

2 tablespoons bee pollen (optional)



Run smoothie packs under water for five seconds then break up the packs into the blender. Add the frozen assorted mixed berries, almond butter and almond milk. Blend until smooth, scraping down the sides as necessary. The consistency of the mixture should be just thicker than a smoothie (about the consistency of frozen yogurt). Use a rubber spatula to spoon the mixture into bowls.

Top the açai bowls with strawberries, apple, banana, granola, coconut, agave and bee pollen (if using). Serve immediately.


Serves 2.



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